This bar and restaurant place downtown has fast become my favorite place to hang out in. They have here great food and great drinks that do alleviate your exhaustion at the end of the day. The place is divided into two rooms. The first one is where you can party all night with the other patrons. The second one is actually a place where you can simply relax and have a good time whether alone or with friends. No matter what your preferences are, you have a place here. The staff is even very friendly and welcoming. You won’t regret spending your free time in this place. They introduced me to a whole new world of cocktail drinks which ruined me for others. Now, I do not anymore want to come to other places because they do not have the same drinks. Here, you would really feel so spoiled.


What is noteworthy about this place is that they always serve delicious dishes. Their menu is very unpredictable but nonetheless, they have something for everyone no matter their preferences. Whether you are a vegan or a vegetarian, you can request something to eat from here because their chef and cooks are really very accommodating. Even people with allergies are safe. They always put their customers first. This is the reason why they became instantly a favorite. Don’t get me started with the drinks because they are so amazing. You get to taste varieties of beers and cocktails that you won’t find elsewhere. If you want to party, that is possible too because they have a specific area allotted to it. No worries coming to this place. Try it out. I promise this would be your next favorite place. There is no sane person that can resist the magic of this bar and restaurant.