Miles On Wilson has always been the talk of the town ever since it opened some time ago. What set us apart from others is that we always give priority to the local businesses when it comes to being our partners in our bar and restaurant. Starting from the suppliers of the ingredients we use in cooking the delicacies that we serve to our guests up to the microbreweries that allow us to offer great drinks, we only get them from the suppliers nearby. Such ensures that we maintain the quality and the freshness of the food and drinks that we offer. At the same time, they are also given the limelight which is heard for small businesses to attain especially in the presence of large companies that can afford extreme marketing and advertising. Nonetheless, our patronage to them also gave us something good in return because our uniqueness makes us sought-after by people who are looking for something new to offer. It is hard not to be curious about our place because every food and drinks that we offer is ever changing depending on the available ingredients in the local market. This also allows our patrons not to be sick and fed up on what we already offer. It’s a good thing that the staff we hire here are very resilient as well in the ever-changing environment of our bar and restaurant. So far, it is working and there is already a clamor for us to branch out to other places.

Our say? This is coming up very soon so please stay tuned! We are already on the first step of our plans to expand. When everything is already in place, we are going to announce it here on our website.

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